Your First Recipe: Sweetened Spare Ribs with Fragrant Vinegar

I’m LinxNotChef.

Ready to cook the first authentic Chinese dish for your family? Come on and learn your first recipe “Sweetened Spare Ribs with Fragrant Vinegar” — or in Chinese “Tang Czu Pai Gu.”

1.What you need:

  • You certainly need sliced St. Louis Style Pork Spare Ribs (around half pound shown in the picture);
  • Light soy sauce, Dark soy sauce, Salt, Crystal Sugar, Cooking Wine, and some gingers as well;
  • Fragrant Vinegar of course;
  • Finally, a pot with a lid(because we need to stew the meat for a while).

2.Preparation: Since this is the first recipe, it’s quite an easy one. So there’s little thing for you to prepare for the cooking.

  • First, cut the Spare Ribs into small pieces as shown in the picture;
  • You also need some gingers, and cut them into small pieces for later use.

3.Process: Now you must be ready for the cooking, let’s do it now!

  • Preheat stove to high heat and then put little (not much) oil into the pot on high heat for 30 secs;
  • Stir fry gingers on high heat for 30 secs;
  • Stir fry spare ribs with gingers on high heat until the meat turn white, at the time add 3 teaspoons of cooking wine into the pot;
  • Add 10 teaspoons of light soy sauce, 3 teaspoons of dark soy sauce5 teaspoons of fragrant vinegar (add more if you wish to) into the pot;
  • Stir fry all the stuff on high heat for less than 1 min to make sure sauces are attached to meat equally;
  • Add one cup and a half of hot water (360 ml)  as well as 20 grams of crystal sugar (or syrup, honey, sugar) into the pot, stew on high heat until it boils;
  • Lid on the pot, stew on medium-low heat for 20 mins;
  • Lid off the pot, stew on high heat for 5 – 10 mins (it depends on the juice), and stir a little bit to prevent the juice stick to the pot;
  • Stew on high heat until the juice becomes sticky enough as shown in the picture;
  • Ta-dah! Your “Tang Czu Pai Gu” is ready. Bon appetit.
  • Put some sesame on it as you wish.



  • Do not stir fry the spare ribs at first too much or it will be too chewy;
  • Must add hot water, warm water at least, do not use cold water;
  • Add enough water at one time, make sure the ribs are all under the water;
  • If you add too much water incidentally, you can stew it on high heat with lid off longer;
  • Taste the juice before putting the lid on to decide whether add salt or not.


So, enjoy your meal. Any kinds of questions are welcome, see you in the comments.

Next recipe is also on next Friday, I think it’s gonna be something like beef.

Remember, I’m Linx, a marketer, not a chef. I’m LinxNotChef.


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