Your Authentic Chinese Cuisine Recipes Come

I’m LinxNotChef.

Have you ever tried Chinese food?
How do you like the Chinese food you ever tried?

If your answers to the questions above are “Yes” and “Good”, then there’s another question awaiting you:

Have you tried authentic Chinese food?

I’ve tried a lot of Chinese restaurant in New York, among which none provide the authentic Chinese food as I expected, even those in Chinatown or Flushing.

Fortunately, I can cook. What’s exciting is that I found that I can get almost all the ingredients and spices that are necessary for me to cook authentic Chinese food. So, why don’t I cook?

So, my blogs would be all about authentic Chinese cuisine recipes that all of you can make in New York. Remember, this is not American-style Chinese food, this is authentic Chinese cuisine, so just forget what you’ve learnt about Chinese food in the past and let’s start to learn it again.

Since this is my first post, I would give you some advice to do preparation for our future cooking instead of sharing the first recipe and leaving you unprepared. In order to cook authentic Chinese food, we need some Chinese seasoning and spices. Now I’ll show you some important ones, which are not so usual in American kitchen but you can buy them either in Chinatown or on Amazon.

1. Light Soy Sauce: It is a quite common sauce in supermarket, you can find it in a lot of groceries. What’s important is that light soy sauce is not like the dark one, which I’ll show you later, and their usage are different.IMG_8600

2. Dark Soy Sauce: This is not as common as light soy sauce in the supermarkets, but you can find them in Chinatown or on Amazon. It is usually used to make the dish look better with tiny volume. In the picture, there are two different kinds of dark soy sauce, while actually it won’t make any difference for you to use either one.


3. Shanghai Fragrant Vinegar: This is the Chinese-style vinegar, which is quite different from the vinegar in common supermarkets. Once again, you can buy them in Chinatown or on Amazon.


4. Broad Bean Paste(Toban Djan): This is really important in a lot of Chinese food cooking, while it’s not very common even in Chinatown, I’ve been there some times but only bought once. Anyway, you can find it on Amazon.


5. Anise: There are two different kinds of anise: anise seeds and star anise, but they are different in taste (though often used simultaneously). Again, in Chinatown or on Amazon.

6. Chili: You can use anything that is spicy to replace it. But I do recommend LAOGANMA chili oil. 

7. Crystal Sugar: Used in the same way as sugar.


Now that’s pretty much what you need to prepare for an authentic Chinese cuisine, and I believe you have other common seasonings in your kitchen like salt and sugar (or syrup, honey). 

OK, I’ll post my first recipe next Friday, make sure you get all these ingredients before that. Any questions are welcome, just leave your comments.

Last but not least, I’m Linx, a marketer, not a chef. I’m LinxNotChef.